Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ordering healthy organic Staples?

Get $10 to try Vitacost! They will give you $10 to try their site.

I love living in the country. I honestly do. The rural lifestyle is certainly for me. Lately though there have been some things I have been wanting to try though that my local supermarket just doesn't carry. I have ordered from Vitacost several times now and feel good about putting my approval on the website. It carries some great products that I haven't been able to find at my small time rural grocer.
Some of the recents items I have purchased from Vitacost include:
- Organic Almonds and Sea salt chocolate bar :)
- Mother's Milk Tea ( great for lactating moms and this is the cheapest place I've found it)
- Bob's Red Mill items
- Eden Organics Foods
They also have many other brands like Amy's, Tazo, Arrowhead mills etc. They have a lot of gluten free stuff also.

They are always have a sale on something too so it's great. They offer 2 free samples per order so this last time I got a flavor of tea I hadn't tried and an olive oil soap that I'm excited to try. They run free shipping sales, discounts etc almost all the time.

I'm pretty frugal and I like to get a good deal on stuff, and with gas being so high it's cheaper for me to buy it online and get it shipped than for me to make a trip to the nearest "large" city from us to the closest health food store.

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